Should Paranormal Investigators Provoke the Spirits?

Written by Misty Cahal

I think this is a touchy subject for some people and I’d like to examine the issues surrounding the subject of whether or not we should provoke the spirits we are investigating.

From the stand point of the less experienced and the more impatient, I’m sure they see provoking as a way to try and elicit responses and activity more quickly; some may even think it’s “cool” to get EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) that present angry voices or doors slamming and things banging.

Family Paranormal has some differing opinions regarding this issue. Nathan, my brother, loves to provoke; he even went so far as to call the potential spirit of an elderly woman a toothless whore; she got him back by scratching his arm. My daughter and I am of the mind that provoking is mean and uncalled for. In life people don’t appreciate being yelled at and called derogatory names so what makes anyone think they would appreciate it in death?

a child spiritWhat it comes down to is that in most cases we are dealing with souls that used to be living, breathing flesh and blood people. They deserve to be treated with the same respect as your spouse or your children. Screaming and yelling like an idiot is only going to make them angry; do you appreciate it when your spouse yells at you for no apparent reason?

We conduct extensive property research so that we don’t blindly walk in to an investigation. It’s often more beneficial to walk in with an idea of who may be haunting the location and even a little about their life, rather than to go in blind, swinging like a boxer and cursing like a sailor.The problem with this type of approach is that you may have had the opportunity to have a good experience but instead you piss the spirits off and they react in anger.

Some of the television shows depict paranormal investigators going in with guns blazing, they are all pumped up ready to fight and they are prepared to trample all over the potential feelings of these spirits all for the sake of good ratings. Other groups do not believe in provoking and they take the type of approach Family Paranormal Investigators prefers which is kind and gentle.

Whatever side you may be on the one thing to keep in mind is that these used to be people and they should be treated with respect. They lived, they loved and they laughed…..