The Dangers of Ouija Boards

Written by Misty Cahal

The name “Ouija” is derived from the French and German words for “yes”; “oiu” and “ja”. The Ouija consists of a flat board upon which is printed the letters of the alphabet, some numbers, punctuation marks and with the words “yes” and “no”.. The participants proceed by placing their fingers lightly on a pointer (also known as a planchette), which then supposedly without the conscious effects of the participant’s moves to spell out a series of messages. The history of the Ouija board goes back centuries and it has also been called a “witch board”.

When I was a kid my grandmother bought my brother and I a Parker Bros. Ouija Board. A friend of hers, whom was a psychic, told her it was harmless fun so she bought it and we began using it once we got back to our parents home.

Parker Bros Ouija Board

Parker Bros Ouija Board

My brothers shared a bedroom and since I was the only girl I had my own room. We used the Ouija board in my bedroom and suddenly none of our pets wanted to come in to my room. It wasn’t long before I began to feel “cold” in that room as well. We had an evap cooler that our parents ran for most of the summer and if you’ve ever been someplace hot then you know that an evap isn’t the coolest of things! So there was no reason for my room to be bone chilling cold but it was.

There is a lot more to the story but I’ll save that for another article. The point is that none of these things began until we used that Ouija board. If you still don’t believe me then there’s a fabulous 80’s movie titled “Witchboard” that I’m sure you can watch online somewhere.

Paranormal investigators and psychics alike all agree that Ouija boards are dangerous because they open portals to other worlds and what you get may not be what it claims, or appears, to be. In my case myself, my brothers and even some of our friends that frequented our home, began seeing what I called “shadow people”; keep in mind they weren’t there before we used that Ouija board!

So innocently we opened a portal and we spent an entire summer trying to keep our fear from our parents and trying to figure out a way to get rid of the “shadow people”. I was even physically harmed by one of them so please don’t think this was just my imagination. A radio was thrown off a bed and it smashed my foot, breaking one of my toes (extremely painful I might add) and busting a blood vessel in my foot. I spent weeks of my summer vacation hobbling around in pain.

The spirits that come through via the Ouija board may or may not be demonic. Because of the nature of the board, you will most likely get something negative and it will lie to you, it will pretend to be someone you once knew or possibly even a family member that has passed on. It may try to establish a level of trust with you and then use this trust to manipulate you and in the end to hurt you if possible.

It’s really, honestly in your best interests to NOT play with Ouija boards. If you do decide to play with one then I’d strongly advise you to brace yourself for one hell of a haunting! That house we lived in… a few months after we moved out, it caught fire and that fire started in my old bedroom.