How to Perform a “Cleansing Ritual” To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

First I’d like to say that this, like everything else in life, is not completely guaranteed. What works for some may not work for others and if your home is a “portal” then you would most likely need to seal the home as well. This article describes a process known as “smudging” and is designed to temporarily remove negative energies from your home; that’s right I said temporarily. This is not a permanent solution but it will buy you crucial time to get a paranormal investigative team out to find out exactly what you may be dealing with.

Materials needed:
A sage smudge stick (this is a dried bundle of sage and is available at most metaphysical shops)
Lighter or matches to light the smudge stick
A small plate to catch the ashes from the smudge stick

Begin in the room furthest from the front door. If you live in a two story home then treat the stairs as you would the front door and begin in the room furthest from the stairs. Crack a window in each room of your home and take the dried bundle of sage and light it. Gently blow on it until it begins smoking, making sure to keep the small plate under the burning sage to catch the ashes. Walk through each room, ensuring that you cover as much of the room as possible with the sage smoke; make sure you even get the corners.

Be firm and recite the following as you go: “This sage is cleansing out all negative energies and spirits… all negative energies and spirits must leave now through the windows and not return. This is now my home and you must leave now!” Do this until you sense the negative energy has gone and the room’s energy lightens. Do not try to confront the spirits; simply be stern like you would with a child.

After this has been completed you will want to ensure that the sage stick is completely out by mashing it on to the plate you have been carrying and putting it out much like you would a cigarette. Once this is done, take the ashes and sprinkle them across the front doorway.