Misty: 38 year old Misty resides in Mesa, Arizona and is the leader of F.P.I. She has been fascinated with the paranormal since she was a child and her interest was piqued after living in a haunted apartment back in 2004. She is the manager of our blog and is responsible for finding locations to investigate, conducting the property research,  reviewing the evidence and advising our clients of what was found.

Amie:  Close family friend whom we believe to be a “sensitive”. Since she was a child, Aime has been seeing, hearing and feeling entities. Amie is an incredible asset to our team and she is looking forward to many more investigations with us! She graduated from Dobson High School and is now a student at Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

Kyla: Misty’s daughter and the F.P.I.’s youngest investigator. Kyla is going in to 8th grade but her young age doesn’t make her passion for the paranormal any less. She is our “investigator in training” right now. She will also be responsible for reviewing evidence collected.

Gary: Misty’s youngest brother resides in west Phoenix. By day he is a technician for a local company and he is also the professional photographer in the F.P.I trio. He has been passionate about photography since high school and has many vintage camera’s and even a development room in his home. He is expecting a new baby soon so he may not be joining us for a while.


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